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January 06 2015

ah i gtg 2 sleep so gn everyone ily all!! stay safe and i hope u have a good day 2morrow !!

December 27 2014

please god let me meme her

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heterosexuals are so boring. like what do they do

considering y’all stay inside all day and do nothing but stay on tumblr and watch shitty animu i think straight people might be doing a little better

your url is a 7 year old meme

Ad hominem. Debate the post, not the poster.

aint hominem edward elric’s dad

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pastel: peachy killer

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#Persona4 #RiseKujikawa sketch

hello everyone omg im so sorry i havent been online all day but i hope everyone had a gr8 day 2day and that u have a gr8 day 2morrow !! 


shoutout to every aromantic spectrum person for being beautiful and interesting 

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An Asuka for JB! <3

December 26 2014

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italy 2012

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I’m in sudbury for the weekend and the sky is always gorgeous here

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copenhagen by morning - 29.09.14

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cute lil plant blog passing thru


@ my mutuals if u ever see me reblogging from someone who has hurt u or ur friends or just generally makes u feel bad/negatively/etc. or who’s said something problematic please let me know— ur safety, comfort & well being means more to me than any post or uneducated/ignorant following of someone who’s hurt you

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Ryuzu Falls in Nikko, Japan

do you just have someone in your life that makes you really happy no matter what they talk about with you and they just always cheer you up and they put themselves down sometimes but you dont know why because everything about them is so amazing and you want them to be in your life forever because they make you so happy oh gosh

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December 25 2014

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Reposted bySenyia Senyia
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by mery
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
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